Rent the Divine 9 Piano

You can rent a Divine 9 tuned Fazioli 308 for your event. This is the largest piano in the world, handmade in a very refined Italian way.

Please e-mail us about the availability, price and we can help you as well in arranging a pianist or co-organizing your event:

Example of events the Divine 9 piano is / can be rented for:

  • A concert.
  • A wedding.
  • A (birthday) party.
  • Inside Out organizes “Let your soul breathe” every year in which people learn all about “Breathfulness” and experience this while enjoying a Divine 9 piano concert improvisation by Jan Vayne.
  • Dr. Annika Smit was inspired by Gert Kramer and his cosmic philosophy based on the Source Code and rented the Divine 9 Fazioli 308 piano and a regularly tuned Fazioli 308 piano for her promotion speech for the Dutch National Police Academy. She used music as a metaphor to show that people and organizations can work differently if they can “tune into each other” and how another choice (another sound, literally another music tuning) can result in a different sphere.

The Divine 9 piano tuning is created together with Evert Snel Piano’s
We are very grateful for all their support.

Evert Snel about Fazioli 308:
“Paolo Fazioli calls his Fazioli piano “Un pianoforte per perfezionisti“. En that’s what Fazioli is: an instrument named the Ferrari of grand piano’s by a lot of pianists. The necessities for making a top of the world piano are passion for the music, combined with science, excellent craftmanship, continuing improvement of the technique and an enduring search for the best materials.

Fazioli is relatively new, it was established in 1980. But in her short existence it has reached a place between some op the top brands. The Fazioli 308 is the biggest piano of the world”.



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.